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Cleaning is a very important part of day to day lives. Whether it is cleaning ourselves, our clothes, our pets, our homes, orĀ Restaurant Hood Cleaning | FatFreeInc it is all part of our lives. We want to keep everything around us clean to make sure we are safe from all diseases and health hazards that may be airborne or passed on through contact. Air Duct in your HVAC needs cleaning.


This is a part that may be overlooked by some of us. But air duct and vent cleaning is important as it keeps the quality of the air in the house good. Due to non maintenance the quality of air coming in and moving around the house or in your office could be more hazardous than any polluted air outside. This kind of air can be more harmful than smoking. You may end up with chronicle breathing problems or even bronchitis.

Here are a few tips to clean your vent appropriately:

1. To begin you need first use a broom to clean the various layers of the vent. Gently start sweeping off all the filth and dust that has collected on the vent over time.

2. Once you have swept off the dust from the vent layers you can then start removing the covers from the vent. Remove the covers very carefully keep the screws properly while opening up the event.

3. Once opened you can now take the vacuum and start carefully moving the hose around. Make sure you clean the corners carefully and properly. Vacuum for a bit till you are sure all the dust a germs have been cleaned out. 4. Once you have cleaned the vents properly you can then either replace the filters with new ones or put the old ones back in place and also replace the covers back as they were.

Make sure you have read all instructions and guideline in the manual for maintenance. Please use professional help if required. This will save you from messing up the whole system in case you do not know how to clean the vent properly.

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