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Movies are the source of entertainment in our daily life. People download movies from different sites, some may be legal which are payable, and some sites are illegal which provides movie without any cost. People have their own opinion and choices they want a simple and without interference sites for movies. Bollywood movies are also in the list who release many movies in every year worldwide. The Bollywood movies buffs are also on the peak in worldwide. Movie site popularity rise due to its daily bases catalogs updates which creates curiosity in people to come again on the site. Some people don’t have too much time to go in the cinemas and watch the movie over there, so they watch movies online which is saving their time to travel anywhere for the movie. There are some popular apps also providing on the play store which are providing a huge amount of movies in public. The best site for watching and downloading movies.




YouTube is the biggest platform of Bollywood movie where you can watch and download movies paid and free. There are huge numbers of channels on YouTube which provides a huge number of movies of any year. But the drawback is that there are only a few channels on YouTube which provide movies with copyrights free and legally. The best part of YouTube is that you can find any year movie and YouTube also giving small clips if movies and dialogues which are very famous in Public.


Hot star

Hot star is also a top-rated app which is providing a huge amount of Bollywood movies and even series of Tv serials. And the best part for using Hot Star you don’t need to sign up on the add, and you can watch and download movies without any disturbances, and the interface of the apps is very easy you can easily use the app without any problem. The hot star is also providing different languages movies; eight different language movies are available on the Hot star. But there is some movie which is not free for everyone, so you can quickly judge the movie with the thumbnail if the film has written premium this means that the movie is not free. If you like sports stuff, the Hot star also provides many sports channels of cricket, football, Tennis and many games. If you want to see the movies without interruption or any adds you can purchase the premium membership which is provided on little cost.


Box Tv

Box Tv is also another app which is also providing a vast amount of Bollywood movies. Even this sites also provides Tollywood and Hollywood movies too. This website is entirely legal and Venture by Times Internet Group so that you can watch videos on the app without any tension. The app is straightforward to use you can find any movie with a single click and download as well. This also likes Hot star if you want to see the film without any adds then you have to purchase the membership of the side. And the best part is that the app is available on your smartphone, PC, and Roku. It supports the multiple devices.


Reliance Big Entertainments provide this movie app service this means that the app is legal and use without any problem. This app also provides Bollywood movies and different languages movies like Bengali, Marathi, and Tamil. But the best part of the app is that you can pay for any particular film, or you can buy the monthly membership.


Amazon Prime Video

Amazon prime video is also in the race of the movie. This app provides a significant amount of movies and tv series. Even Amazon also offers a Fire Stick Tv which changes your simple Tv into an android Tv, and you can watch any movies and Tv series without any cable connection. You need a fast internet connection. Amazon also provides their subscription plans in which it gives us many beneficial things like two days free shipping plans, Prime Photos, Prime Reading and lots of things.



Netflix is also another best option to watch HD movies and tv series on a large scale. But Netflix has a better opportunity to share the accounts with other five people without any charge. So you can purchase the membership with sharing of friends and your neighborhood and it makes more benefits o you and gives better download option.


Google Play

Google play also provides Bollywood Movies and Tv series, and you don’t need to purchase the monthly subscription you pay the rent for the movies which help you to see the film online and a download option in the app.

Subwap is also a better option for downloading movies. But the specialty for this app you can find short Bollywood movies and Bollywood video songs on this site. Basically, the site didn’t show too much film on his front page but if you search movie in the search box then you will find a big collection of Bollywood movies, and you can download easily without any problem.

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