Business Brokers – Selling Your Business

Have You Thought About Selling Your Business?

If you’ve considered selling your business, then read on. This section includes our sales letter (below), which covers the basics of how we handle the sale of your business. Read further for information on how we proceed at and after the first meeting, as well as the variety of services we provide when selling your business.


No Sale, No Fee!

There will be no up front fees or commissions.

There will be no charge backs for advertising and or marketing.

The only time I am paid, is when I sell your business, period.

Confidentiality will be maintained at all times as I respond to calls and emails about your business. The only time a prospective buyer learns about you is when he agrees to meet at my office, to read and sign a non-disclosure agreement. This is inconvenient to some people, but if the buyer is serious, he will take the meeting. I will also inquire about how much money they can invest and their personal business experiences to find a qualified buyer for your business.

I will do the marketing, the presentation and sale of your business personally. From the assembling of the necessary information to the offer and acceptance, Business for sale and closing, I will be there.

As the time arrives for you to make the change in your life, call me to setup a face-to-face meeting for you to learn more about me and what i do and how i do it, to sell your business. This first meeting is my job interview; I will not have a pen and contract in hand to push you for the listing. This meeting is for your education about me, and the service I provide.

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