How to Choose the Perfect Window Placement for a New Construction Home

When it comes to planning window placement in a new construction home, you might think it’s as easy as looking at floor plans and evenly spacing them along the walls. Unfortunately, there’s a lot more to window placement than you might imagine, especially if you want to choose windows that meet both practical and aesthetic goals. Here are just a few things you’ll need to consider when selecting the perfect window placement.


Position of the Sun

How does the sun pass overhead? How does its course change between seasons? While you probably want to get as much natural light as possible in your home, you might not be keen to get woken at the crack of dawn by intense sunlight streaming through your bedroom window, or to suffer the glare of the setting sun when you sit down to eat your dinner.

You may or may not want to infuse your home with the heat of the sun. Where you position your windows could have a dramatic effect on the amount of light and heat entering your home at particular times of day and throughout the year, so you need to consider your wants and needs before finalizing your plans for window placement.

Wind Patterns

Wind flow outside your home can play an important role in helping to cut cooling costs during the warmer months, or alternatively, cut heating costs in winter. It may depend on where you place your windows, though. Before you decide, you’ll have to consider the climate you live in and your particular goals, as well as common wind patterns around your structure.


Windows are not only an adornment for your home exterior or a way to let natural light in – they also provide a view of the outside world, and you naturally want to take advantage of the best views with the biggest or the most windows. For this reason, you might want to add more windows on the front, back, and upper stories of the home to get unobstructed views of the backyard, the street, and surrounding vistas.

On the other hand, you’ll definitely want to consider privacy when placing windows on the sides of the home, where neighbors could end up looking in. The proximity of neighboring houses could determine the number and size of windows you feel comfortable placing on the sides of the house. The room in question makes a difference, as well, which is why so many homes feature smaller windows or frosted glass in bathrooms.

Wall Space

It’s easy to get caught up considering exterior concerns, but remember that you have to live inside a home, and you want your interior spaces to be functional. Breaking up window placement can make for visual interest externally, but on the interior, it’s much better to group windows together in order to preserve wall space for furniture placement, hanging art, or even privacy concerns. If you want the light and the view provided by multiple windows, think about expanding the space for one window opening instead of placing all these windows in a broken line.

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