Improve your fitness with martial arts

    • Do you want to improve your fitness?
    • Do you want your child to learn anti-bully techniques?
    • Do you want to learn unbeatable modern day self-defense?
    • Do you want to relieve stress or lose weight ?​
    • Do you want to learn from experienced, qualified instructor?
    • ​Do you want to earn your black belt? ​
    • Are you looking for a martial arts school in Bloomington Illinois?

If you answered yes then you are at the right place !!!


“I have used many of the techniques you teach at work. The scenario training has helped me prepare for things that happen while on duty.”
Okaloosa County Deputy

“If you want to learn self defense train here. You have always showed me how to be better. I think you teach a lot more than just Hapkido, I think you teach mixed martial arts without rules. ”
J. Welch

“Lucas is a fantastic instructor, he is a great person and has extensive real life self defense experience.”
W. Mauney      (Aikido/Wing Chun instructor)

“Your not like other places, they worry more about money. I get a great work out and I learn more every day. Its obvious that you enjoy teaching and you treat everyone with respect. You work with each person and I hope you never change. Allowing us to learn at our own pace does not hold us back. ”
T. Cook

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