Our Float Tank with Genesis Control


Two way communications between the Genesis equipment and the lobby controller must be complete, efficient and easy to operate.  The Genesis uses a high end, state-of-the-art, expandable Lobby Controller.  The attendant is able pre-select introductions at beginning and end of a session, order music from Genesis record library, plus  use integral docking devices to play selections a client brings.

Attendant monitors solution temperature, filtration settings, session timing and float tank status for up to eight tanks at one time. The Genesis system Lobby Controller is able to ‘talk’ with the client and the float tank.



The Genesis automation system is designed to control float center and provide a seamless and safe client experience. The attendant need only introduce the client to the Genesis and leave the area. The Controller automation system guarantees a pleasant and consistent experience free of distractions. The attendant is free to carry on the business from the lobby as soon as the timer is set.

Water solution has been cleaned, ionized, sterilized and warmed to body temperature.  An audio greeting notifies the client of the start of the session and the end. Pre-selected music is piped in.  The system monitors the clients comfort throughout. The sequential stability control system ensures a consistent client experience over all float visits.  Human error (forgetting to start/stop timers, untimely interruptions) is eliminated.

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