Swimming Pool Plant Room Equipment

A swimming pool can be a complex installation with equipment from various companies and countries. Normally an outdoor swimming pool will have a pump, filter, boiler, lights and a pool cover. But an indoor swimming pool will have additional equipment to maintain the air temperature, control the humidity and even a false floor to change the whole pool hall building into an entertainment complex.


We hope to give you an idea of the various types of equipment available to a swimming pool designer and there advantages and disadvantages. We will dedicate individual pages to each piece of equipment and the various makers.

  1. Swimming Pool Filter Pumps
  2. Swimming Pool Filtration Systems
  3. Swimming Pool Air Heating Systems
  4. Swimming Pool Water Heating Systems
  5. Swimming Pool Lighting Systems
  6. Swimming Pool Covers
  7. Swimming Pool Air Handling Systems
  8. Swimming Pool Chemical Dosing Systems
  9. Swimming Pool Ozone Systems
  10. Swimming Pool UV Systems

We also undertake specialist activities like leak detection, servicing pools for sale and maintaining of swimming pool equipment. So if you are in need of a quality service, require any support or further information,

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